Each year on the July 1st weekend, we crown two amazing young women as Miss Rodeo Airdrie and the Airdrie Pro Rodeo Princess. Our Royalty become ambassadors, not just for the Airdrie Pro Rodeo but also the City of Airdrie, for the next twelve months.


These ladies travel to over 100 events during their year as Royalty. They promote our sport of rodeo, represent the City of Airdrie at community functions and gain invaluable experience speaking and networking with business and non-profit organizations in the province. We are empowering young women to be leaders in the community.


We are incredibly proud of the work our Royalty does and invite young women, aged 19-24, to be part of the Royalty competition with events including public speaking, rodeo knowledge, horsemanship, personality and modelling.

2020 Royalty applications are now available and

due Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

**A minimum of 3 applications are required to be received for the 2020 royalty competition to commence.

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If you would like to book the Royalty for your event, free of charge, please contact Director Katie Van Hienen at AirdrieProRodeoRoyalty@gmail.com.