Whether it's the Pro Rodeo or the FCA Rodeo, the events are the same. Learn more about each event and how they are scored.


This event is the most physically demanding of all the Rodeo events. A cowboy must ride a horse with no saddle for eight seconds. He receives a score if he survives the eight seconds. This is a judged event and the highest score wins.

Ladies Barrel Racing

In Barrel Racing, cowgirls navigate a course consisting of circling three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern. This is a timed event, so the fastest cowgirl wins. Penalty seconds are awarded for knocking over the barrels.

Steer Riding

This event is the training ground for future bull riders. Young contestants aged 11 – 14 compete on wiry bovines.

As with the other rough-stock events one half of the score is awarded for the contestant’s ability to ride and the other half is for the stock’s ability to buck. The cowboys are allowed to ride with one hand or two.

Team Roping

Two cowboys are required to compete in this event. One person must capture the steer's head with his rope while the other is responsible for tying the steer’s hind legs. This is a timed event, and the team that can perform their duties the fastest wins.

Bull Riding

The most dangerous of all the rodeo events. A rope with a handhold is wrapped around the bull. The cowboy can only use one hand while trying to survive riding the bull for eight seconds. This is a judged event and the highest score wins.

Saddle Bronc

Like Bareback and Bull Riding, the cowboy must survive a ride for eight seconds without getting bucked off. This time the horse is saddled. This is a judged event, and the cowboy with the highest score wins.

Steer Wrestling

Timing, speed, and control are all needed as the steer must be wrestled to the ground in the correct manner. This is a timed event, and the cowboy that can get it done correctly the fastest wins.  

Tie-Down Roping

This event shares many similarities with Steer Wrestling, except instead of wrestling a steer to the ground, the cowboy must catch a calf and tie it up in a specific way. This is a timed event, and the cowboy that can tie the calf correctly the fastest wins.

The Rodeo is located North of Calgary and West of Airdrie. North on QE#2 (Deerfoot) to Airdrie then West on Highway #567 (overpass) - 10kms (5.5miles).

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