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Rodeo Royalty


Rodeo Royalty

Applications will be available in January for the 2019 Miss Rodeo Airdrie Competition.

If you are interested in the program and would like more information, please e-mail our Director, Katie Van Hienen, at

A minimum of 3 applications, are required to be received for the 2019 pageant to commence.  

2017-2018 Airdrie Pro Rodeo Royalty

 Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy


2017 Airdrie Pro Rodeo Princess

Ashley Hygaard

Ashley grew up on the back of a horse in her hometown of Selkirk, Manitoba. From her family’s cattle farm, to her extensive background with the local horse 4-H Club, she found her passion to pursue the sport of Rodeo. Ashley joined the Manitoba High School Rodeo Association and loved every minute of it. When she graduated from her hometown she knew that Lakeland College would be her next stop.

Ashley completed her Agribusiness Diploma with a Marketing Communications major in 2015. She then moved on to finish her Animal Science Technology Diploma. Ashley’s Schooling has given her extensive experience with event management, marketing, sponsorship coordination, as well as working as part of a team on the Student Managed Farm at Lakeland College. As a member of the Lakeland Rustler’s Rodeo Team, Ashley was an active participant in five rodeo events, while competing across western Canada.

After finishing her schooling, Ashley decided to further her horsemanship skills with an offer she obtained riding horses in the United States. She was taught early in life that there is always more knowledge to gain and to seize every opportunity available.


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Airdrie Pro Rodeo Royalty Alumni

2016 QUEEN: Emily Marston PRINCESS: Katie Hlushak

2015 Airdrie Rodeo Royalty Alumni Team

2014 QUEEN: Terra Chalack PRINCESS: Mazlie Gehring (ARRA)

2013 QUEEN: Kelsey Reinboldt-Lynch

2012 QUEEN: Nicole Briggs (MRC) PRINCESS: Samantha Bilsborrow

2011 QUEEN: Gillian (Shields) Grant (MRC) PRINCESS: Rebecca (McKay) Moore (ARRA)

2010 QUEEN: Alicia (Kuipers) Hemsing PRINCESS: Melinda (Carmichael) Bretton

2009 QUEEN: Charmayne Kading PRINCESS: Joanna (Hadley) Koehler

2008 QUEEN: Dana (Hansen) Zannis (MRCP) PRINCESS: Ashley Eide (ARRA)

2007 QUEEN: Justine (Simpson) Gardner PRINCESS: Casey Edworthy

2006 QUEEN: Jesse Madsen PRINCESS: Janine (Krumm) Bruce

2005 QUEEN: Leanne (Percy) Mackenzie PRINCESS: Tara Sergerie (MRC)

2004 QUEEN: Kelly (Ashbacher) Bell PRINCESS: Janelle (Perry) Halyk

2003 QUEEN: Tammy (Summerfield) Kaiser PRINCESS: Jessica (MacLeod) Moran

2002 QUEEN: Shannon McCarthy (MRC) PRINCESS: Amanda Earl

2001 QUEEN: Lindsay Robertson PRINCESS: Sarah (Havens) Baber

2000 QUEEN: Kristen Disley

1999 QUEEN: Shelia (Taylor) Walker (MRC)

1998 QUEEN: Brandy (Hamilton) Murray

1997 QUEEN: Maureen McCarthy

1996 QUEEN: Rhianna McKinnon

1995 QUEEN: Nancy (Muchka) Dahl


MRC = Miss Rodeo Canada

MRCP = Miss Rodeo Canada Princess

ARRA = 2015 Airdrie Rodeo Royalty Alumni Team