Fundraising Opportunity


Fundraising Opportunity

Airdrie Pro Rodeo Fundraising Partnership

The Airdrie Pro Rodeo is committed to supporting our local community. As part of this commitment we are pleased to offer a fundraising program that supports local organizations, such as schools, non-profit organizations, charities, sports programs, and community groups in their fundraising efforts.


How it works?

Your organization sells tickets to the 2019 Airdrie Pro Rodeo and keeps a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each ticket.

We provide you a series of numbered tickets for your organization to sell. Once your campaign is over, you return the unsold tickets and the Rodeo's portion of the proceeds from the tickets sold.


How much can you make?

You will receive $5 for every ticket sold!


Ticket Price

General Admission $20


When can we sell tickets?

You can start anytime. The only limitation is that all unsold tickets and proceeds MUST be returned to the Rodeo by June 14.


When is the 2019 rodeo?

June 28 - July 1


For more information please contact:

Jim Murphy


Phone: 403-948-0512